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Monday, July 18, 2011

Days of 47 Rodeo!

Apparently Spencer had a lot of fun at the Strawberry days Rodeo that he was DIE-ing to go to another one! So we bought tickets to the Days of 47 Rodeo. This one we went to with just the two of us. It was a fun date! As much fun as the first Rodeo was, this one was way better! It was super fun, and on top of that it was INSIDE with A/C and wait, just wait..... actual seats with backs! My big prego body was very thankful for this! Not to mention the hot guy I got to sit next to ;) 

silly me, I didn't any pics of us. darn

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here is a laugh for ya...

It has been a running joke ever since (and probably before) we got pregnant that I am not going to be able to deliver this baby because she is going to have a BIG head. We have had Spencer’s family saying it because he has a BIG head. According to his family he was a bobble-head as a child. And then of course we get it from my family because I have always had a very round head, especially when I was a baby.  

 In fact my mother told me the other day that her and my sister have decided that the reason  I am so “big” already is because this baby is all head… Well they weren’t kidding. 

We went in for our 3D ultrasound today and while we were there the doctor did some measurements. He measured her estimated weight, head circumference, the width of her head (side to side), and her femur.

According to her femur and estimated weight (which was 3 lbs 2 oz.) she was pretty much right on schedule, but her HEAD was measuring 32 weeks, that’s about 4 weeks ahead of schedule! Poor girl got her mommy’s and daddy’s big heads.  My family is going to have fun with that!  

With the average of the measurements the computer estimated the due date to be Sept 18th! My doctor didn’t change it though, she said she will keep it the same from my 1st trimester ultrasound, but I guess we will see if this little one decides to come a little earlier than expected -OR- if she really will be just all head (I’m hoping for the first one).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby shower (Nielson style)

My Sister-in-law, Stephanie threw me a baby shower today! You should have seen how cute it was! She had such yummy food (of course)!

 Even the water bottles were decorated cute!

 Sheri and her girls made this cute diaper cake for me!

 All the yummy food!

 These were AH-mazing! (They are also my addiction right now!)

 Steph made this cute memory game, all the prizes were so funny!

 Me and ma' bellay!

 Sheri, her girls, and Samantha!
Zoey, Stephanie, Julie and baby Anabelle

I got lots of cute stuff for this girl! I seriously can't wait until she gets here! Thanks so much Steph for the shower and for the gifts! Thanks for those who came and for your gifts as well! I appreciate it so much!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July weekend

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this holiday! Well I really love them all, but this one has to be in the top 3! I just love everything about it! The parade, the BBQs, the fireworks and the Stadium of Fire!!!

This year to celebrate Spencer and I had a BBQ at our apartment. The food was so yummy (if I must say so myself!) After our BBQ we headed up to the Stadium of Fire!

Ever since I can remember we have gone to the Stadium of Fire in Provo. There have been a few years that we missed it and it just wasn't the same! This David Archuleta and Brad Paisley performed this year! My whole family didn't make it this year (which also makes it feel off) but those who did come had a blast! (better come next time guys, you sure missed out!)`

 Me and the Hubby waiting for the show to start!

 I had fun painting Eliza's face while we waited. I tried to get other people to let me, but they were all party poopers!

Dylan couldn't contain his excitement ;)

and apparently neither could Savannah!

                               Brad Paisley                                                    David Archuleta!

 We bought some glow sticks/bracelets/necklaces for the kids.... Apparently my husband the real kid here! oh boy

We had a lot of fun at the stadium of fire! I can't wait til next year where I won't be hugely pregnant! Maybe I will be able to handle the heat and the stairs a lot better!


For the actual 4th we had a lot going on! That morning we went to the parade! LOVE IT!
We kind of got there late so it was hard to find parking and a spot to sit. But we got lucky and actually found shady spot! (My pregnant body was very thankful for this!)

 Savannah and her BF Logy poo (Logan)

 Me and my Momma!

Sollie man (Solomon) was loving Spencer today! He wanted him to hold him pretty much the whole parade! He was also loving the firetrucks, horses, and parade balloons!

 Savannah and Me! (Love my sis)
Love this boy!

After the parade we went over to all the booths to look around and get some food. I always love walking around to see what vendors are there!

When we had enough of the heat Spencer and I went up to his brothers house for a BBQ! I took nice little nap on the couch while Spencer hung out with his family :) 

On the way back home I wanted just had to stop back at the booths to get a little romper for the baby that I just could convince myself to pass up :) I can't wait to get pics of Little miss in it! 

We had so much fun this weekend! I just love all the fun traditions my family has!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Owlz Game

My sister was able to get our family tickets to the Orem Owlz baseball game through her husbands work last night we all met up at the game! It was a blast!

  My sexy hubby :0)

My Niece, Millie Vanillie!

 My nephew Jakers! (isn't he handsome)

 My mom will kill me if she know this is on here.... But I couldn't resist. hehe

My cute little bro Dylan and me!

Millie LOVES Savannah (Savannah's BF to her right)

Poor millie was SCARED of the owl! Everyone kept teasing her and calling the owl back! Poor girl!:( 

We had lots of fun eating food, watching the game and just hanging out! Thanks Tabby and Brad for the tickets and food vouchers! 
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