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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter bunny came to our house today!
( I didn't get pics of mine and Spencers baskets because of some miscommunications that day....)

and YES I AM one of those crazy Mommies that gets their 6 month old baby an Easter basket even though they really have no idea what is going on. :) BUT can you blame me?! Look how cute that basket looks all put together for her! Not to mention I got the basket and little lamb last year on sale after Easter so I have been very patiently impatiently waiting to give this to her! Also I put in things that she WILL need and use everyday. Makes me feel better about it ;)

Love this girl in the morning! She is always so happy when she wakes up!

Missy Miss was pretty excited about the "toy" that I put in front of her. Couldn't decide what to grab first.

 Of course it was easier to knock the whole thing over and pull everything out at once

 She could not decide what to eat first!

The Easter bunny brought Hannah some Pajamas, a book, sippy cups, caterpillar toy, and a lamb.

And if I must say so myself she looked so stinkin' cute in her Easter dress! I got so many compliments at church today! She really did look so adorable!

For the evening Spencer had planned to go camping with my two younger brothers. He asked the night before and I said it was fine. But the next day I wasn't too happy with it. In my defense when he asked to go camping later that night I thought he wouldn't be leaving (or getting ready) til 5 or 6. But instead he started packing up to go right when we got back to church. I was not a happy wife. Its a holiday! Isn't it pretty much "required" that he spends that time with me?! Well I think it is.... Anyways to make me look feel less like a crazy person I will just say that after a few hours of conflict at this Nielson household I finally told him to just GO! But then somehow he convince me to go. Looking back I really should have stayed home in my own bed. Here is why...

The HIKE! I was told it was a hard steep hill just at the beginning and then an easy walk from there. In my head I'm thinking that's alright I can handle a steep hill and a SHORT walk. UNDER EXAGGERATION of the year! The hike KILLED me! Literally! We were only a quarter of the way there and I had already over-exerted my body so bad that I felt like throwing up the whole night.

 This was before I knew what was ahead of me... (I should have taken pics of afterwards :) lol)
My sweet brother didn't know what was ahead of him either!
 He was fooled as well!Although he was quite the trooper, I don't think he complained once
. (I think I complained enough the whole group)

THE CAMP: Since we were hiking up we had to pack light, and by light that meant NO PADS! Therefore we were sleeping on the very HARD and rocky ground! Talk about NO sleep! (on a good note, Hannah slept AMAZING!) Also Spencer and I have not invested in sleeping bags yet, well he has one we just have not got one for me. We had to share his and a couple blankets, therefore poor Spencer was freezing! I wasn't too bad, but I love to sleep in the cold so the two blankets were plenty for me! 

BEARS!: ok there weren't really bears (or wolves) but I was so scared that there would be! But in the middle of the night I (and apparently Dylan) heard footsteps outside our tent. I am sure it was a deer but I could not get my mind to believe that. I kept on thinking it was wolf (Dylan thought it was a bear) at one point I finally convince myself to fall asleep until I woke up in a panic after hear a growl in my ear! ok ok it wasn't in my ear, but it sounded like it. And it wasn't a growl it was a SNORE coming from the Hubby! Once again I had to convince myself IT WAS NOT A WOLF! Needless to say I did not sleep good! 

Even though it sounds like I was miserable and complaining the whole time, I really wasn't complaining (well not that much). There were some fun parts to the trip! We had a nice fire set up before we went to bed and the next morning. Plus the boys got to go fishing for a few hours that morning. Over all I guess it was ok. Next time I refuse to believe the boys when they say the hike is a "little" strenuous. Next time I'm driving right up to the camp ground! 


Jeff and Megan said...

I just found your blog. I don't know how it took me this long. I suck at the computer. Anyway, we went camping last month with our ward, and I think it's the last time we ever will. Since when is being cold and uncomfortable a fun activity?

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