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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The zoo!

Spencer and I were looking  at the weather earlier this week and say the weather was supposed to be so nice this weekend so we thought we should do something fun and with us being kids at heart we decided on the zoo!

Well the night before I was talking to my little sister and I decided to invite her to come along! The next morning she asked if my little brother could come too. well of course! The more the merrier! Shortly after my Mom thought it sounded fun too! So we went to the store and gathered up some snacks and food for lunches, packed up the car and headed up! On our way up my two older sisters thought the zoo wasn't a bad idea! Tabby had previous plans but we picked up her daughter Millie then Tiffany met us with her two kids! It was a very random and thrown together day but it turned out way fun! 

 Savannah and My girl!

 Sollie Man! (solomon)

Waiting for the train with Miss Liza Lou

 The Hubs and Silly Millie riding the train.

My little monkey!

 Poor girl was worn out! 

 Sollie was loving pushing the stroller

 My hot Hubby and my girl!

 Millie LOVES Savannah!

 Spence and Sollie trying to see the tigers

 Millie and Sollie looking in the water

 Baby got some sun!

We all had lots of fun in the sun today and we were all worn out! What a day!
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