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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What the Freak?!

Just a few moments ago Spencer and I were just chilling in our bed. I was nursing the babe and Spencer was watching TV. Then out of the blue we were a loud crash! My first thoughts was that someone was breaking in (I must subconsciously be terrified of that, plus it sounded like it was downstairs). Spencer hopped up and looked in the bathroom, he may have said a few choice words and told me the shower door broke! WHAT?!

Oh my goodness this house is falling apart! This about the 5th thing that has gone wrong since we moved here! Its starting to make me reconsider this whole "home ownership idea" that I have been wanting so badly.

Not to mention it totally has me freaked out! My heart was pounding ten minutes afterward! I know its silly but I am a little scared of this old creaky house. (no offense to Spence and his family :)) But not only is it old and creaky, but I had some scary experiences last fall that still have me freaked out. (I'm not going into detail because it still scares me to think about)

The weird thing about it is that we literally have not gone in the bathroom for the past few hours today, and even when we did, we did NOT touch the shower or the door! I have not the slightest clue why it would have shattered or fallen!

Also the glass is still in there making popping/ crackling sound

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