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Monday, September 19, 2011

New camera! and Contractions (?)

I got a new camera over the weekend. Spencer and I had talked about getting one for me for sometime now. We decided to get one and have it be my early Christmas/birthday and gift for the new baby ;) We decided to get it now so that we will have a nice camera to take pics of baby girl when she decides to make her entrance!

Speaking of making her entrance... We thought for sure she was going to make an entrance this weekend! While we were at RC Willey's I was having real bad back aches and my stomach was hurting. On the drive home they started to hurt worse. At some points I could not sit back because of how bad they hurt. So we started trying to time the pains, but they were so weird and sporatic that it was hard to time them very well. We decided to grab some food and go home to wait it out and see.
I hopped in the shower to see if that would help ease some of the pain. Which it did. After eating and taking a nice long hot shower the pains stopped. I was slightly disappointed! I was hoping so bad that it was the real thing! DARN! Two more weeks til my due date! Hopefully not too much longer!

Meanwhile I have been having fun testing out my camera. Right now my subject is my kitty! Lucy! Isn't she so pretty!?

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