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Spencer and I are expecting our FIRST baby October 1st, 2011! We couldn't be more excited!

My mom and I thought it would be fun to do progressive  BELLY pics, to see how much my belly grows! so check out this page frequently for new BUMP pics!

**of course you can also go to my mom's blog to see more pics... 

8 Weeks: 
I'm  not going to lie, I am a little embarrassed about the belly pics at this point, because I don't think its really a 'baby bump', I'm just chunky to begin with :(...

18 Weeks: 

 24 weeks:

26 Weeks: 

27 Weeks: 
30 weeks:

35 weeks:

37 weeks:

38 weeks:


Tabitha said...

I hate when you feel CHUNKY and not pregnant! I felt like wearing a sign till people were certain!

PiccaDilly said...

We need an update!

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