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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year my mom and I decided to get Christmas tree tags and cut down our own tree! It was only $10, and we thought it would be fun. My mom went with some friends and unfortunately Spence and I could not go because I had to work :( So Spencer and I had to find a day when I did not work. His dad came along with us, and thank goodness too! We would not have been able to do that all by ourselves! While it was quite the adventure I think next year we'll let someone else do all the work, and we'll spend a little more money :)

First off the place where we could cut the tree was WAY out in the middle of nowhere, and to get a good tree had to hike quite a bit. Which wouldn't have been so bad BUT the combination of treking through the deep snow plus the cold air equals asthma and a hard time for Lexy. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath, so I spent a lot of my time just chilling in the snow while Spencer looked for the perfect tree. At that point I didn't care, I just wanted to be done, especially since we had seen a few that would have worked, but someone was being a little picky ;) Well we finally found what we thought was the perfect tree, cut it down and had to drag that sucker back down the hill. Which you would think would be the easy part. Ha! Not so much! It was surprisingly hard! I wish we could have gone with my mom, sheesh, they had a four wheeler! No fair! ;)

Oh well it was still fun, but we won't be doing that again...


                                                                         on the ride there

  looking for the perfect tree..

 Still looking...

 Chopping it down!
The Funny thing is we thought the tree was perfect, but when we got it home, it was actually pretty big for our little apartment haha, it looked so round and awkward! I loved it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year was our FIRST Thanksgiving together! It was quite the adventure that's for sure! I already don't eat a lot as it is, so eating two dinners was a challenge :)

We went over to Spencer's parents' house around noon that day. We only stayed there for a short time since my family was eating at three in salt lake. We ate a his mother yummy dinner and headed on up to Salt Lake.

My sister Tabby hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house again, and as always it was VERY Yummy! We spent the rest of the night eating, playing games, watching the game, and eating some more!! It was a very fun day!

Thanks Tabby for the wonderful thanksgiving dinner!!

**pics borrowed from Tabby :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because I am a procrastinator...

. This is going to be a LONG one! Since I am such a slacker and have not blogged in forever I am going to try and play a little game of catch up. I wanted this blog to be a journal of some sorts but being the procrastinator that I am I have not done a good job. But I still want to remember it all, so here is my very long post to catch up :) wish me luck!
 First and foremost the owl city pictures I promised forever ago....

April was a pretty busy month, mostly just being the end of school which of course includes finals :( boo to finals! But I survived, I think

Well let's see. It felt so nice to be done with school! It was definitely a hard semester for me, especially when a certain someone was keeping me a little preoccupied. I certainly had a hard time picking homework over time with Spencer :) Even though school was over we definitely kept busy. Here are some of the fun things we did

**we decided to be a little crazy and go camping. So Spence, Kevin, Jeni and I packed up the tent and some food and headed up Payson canyon. It was pretty chilly, but no worries we bundled up, and Kevin brought his heater so the tent was nice and toasty. Even though it was cold it was still so fun, I hadn't been camping forever and had a blast!

**My little sister and I decided to go out for a girls day! We went shopping and out to lunch. It was fun to just spend a day with the two of us!!

** Jeni and I decided to surprise the boys with Real tickets. We told them that we were going on a date on Friday and to not make any plans. All we told them it what time to be ready. We drove up to Sandy, went to the mall to kill time and then drove over to the stadium. It was so fun to see the guys faces when they figured out what we were doing. They were both totally stoked to be going to Real! Especially Spencer, he has been wanting to go forever.

** quite a few times we went up west mountain or in Spencer's backyard to build a fire and make some S'mores! mmm.. I love me some S'mores! sorry no pics :(

June felt pretty busy although it didn't seem like we did a lot of big things, mostly just worked a lot. I wanted to do something fun so one random weekend we decided to go down to St. George. My mom and three younger siblings were going to all come but it was too much short notice for them so we just dragged my little sister along. Friday morning we packed up the car and Savannah, Spencer and I all drove down to St. George. The first night we just found where we wanted to stay and then just hung out in the hotel and of course the swimming pool. Later that night we were all starving, we went out to find something to eat. Unfortunately it was pretty late at night, making our options pretty slim. We decided to grab some thing at McDonalds bad idea. We are not sure what we ate that was bad but we all woke up sick the next morning. Poor Spence got the worst of it though. He was sick for most of the day and into the night as well. Poor Savannah had to be bored silly while Spencer and I were lying around sick as ever.

I was feeling a little better that night so I forced myself out of bed and took Savannah out to eat for dinner. I was fun that we got to have a little girl time. :) The next morning Savannah and I decided to go shopping. I heard a lot about the 'Amazing' outlets in St. George so I wanted to go check them out. Not going to lie I was not impressed Maybe there is more than one outlet mall? Who knows?

That night we all went to see shrek 4 in 3D. We went to the Zions theaters, which is apparently one of the biggest screens in Utah, if I remember correctly?

And finally the last day we were all feeling much better so we drove up to zions Canyon and went on a hike on the emerald pool trails. They were pretty neat. I think it would have been better if it weren't so stinking hot, and if we were all feeling 100% better. But it was still pretty fun :)

** One other thing we did in June was hike to the grotto. I made Spence some dinner and we had a picnic up the canyon. Then we took a nice little hike up to the grotto and attempted to play in the water. Which was way too cold, so there was not much playing :) It was a pretty enjoyable night.

July:The biggest thing in July was the stadium of fire! I'm not going to lie I was a little disappointed with this year's 4th of July. Usually my whole family will get together and go to the provo parade and then walk around all the booths. Then we all meet up at the stadium of fire. This year no one bought tickets to the stadium of fire except for Spencer, Savannah and I. Then on top of that since the fourth was on Sunday, Provo city decided to do the parade on Monday! So Stupid! They should have done it on Saturday! My mom had to work on Monday and I believe I had to as well so it just wasn't worth it.

Anyways, the stadium of fire was being held on the 3rd of July which was a Saturday. The morning started off pretty rough, but the night was super fun! Carrie Underwood sang this year! She was amazing! The fireworks weren't too bad either :) Kidding! They were pretty awesome too! I don't think any other firework shows can compare!

Well the rest of July was the normal busy-ness of working and spending time with Spencer and my Fam!  But that was pretty much it for July!

August Started off with a bang that if for sure. I'll have to go into more detail in another post, but Spencer and I got ENGAGED! Woot Woot! Spencer proposed on August 7th. He did a very good job at surprising me :)

Unfortunately school started in the end of august, so I grudgingly signed up for more classes, bought my books and headed off to school ( have I mentioned I'm getting sick of school, should be done by now and I'm still not close. Boo). Yes we decided to be crazy and get engaged/ married right in the middle of the semester. Yes, it was hard and yes, I should have taken the semester off.

It was pretty hard planning a wedding and going to school at the same time. I think I lost a little piece of my mind in the process. It was quite the adventure.

September pretty much consisted of school, work, wedding planning, bridal showers, pictures lots of pictures, and DRAMA. I will not get into that though, it still makes me mad thinking about it, and so I won't go there. BESIDES more importantly, was our WEDDING! We decided to get married on September 24th. Yes, I know it was a very short and quick engagement. But we had our reasons; we wanted our reception to be outside in Spencer's backyard, and we were afraid if we put it off any longer it would not happen. PLUS, when we had been talking about getting married a few months back we originally wanted to get married in August. But with the way life always worked out there were a few bumps in the road, which pushed things back a bit. (I'll go into detail later).

Anyways the day couldn't have turned out better, the weather was perfect, the whole thing tied together perfectly and I was able to have my fairytale wedding and more!  (more pics to come later!)

October-mostly consisted of all things Halloween
* Carving pumpkins- we invited my younger siblings and our friend jenny over for pumpkin carving! It turned out pretty fun! it was interesting to see how everyone's pumkins turned out! 

*Hee haw farms- We found some tickets for hee haw farms for a great deal on city deals, so My mom, My sister Tabby, and I all bought tickets. This is the second time we have been to Hee Haw farms, and it is always so much fun, they have corn mazes, petting zoo, haunted hayrides and a Haunted walk through. Unfortunately the night we all picked to go was one of the nights that the haunted things were not open. But we all still had fun. We tried to all get together again to go for the haunted stuff, but we all couldn't go at the same time, so Tabby didn't come with us the second time :(

Hee haws trip 1:

-Hee Haw Farms Trip 2:

Frightmares at lagoon:  My little sister Savannah and I have decided to make Frightmares a tradition :) this is our second year going! We always have so much fun getting scared, watching people get hypnotized and of course riding our favorite rides! It is always so much fun!

*Trunk or Treat at work- this is the second year that my work has put on a trunk or treat for the customers and their children. This year I was able to help out! It was so much fun! We have some sheds out on our parking lot for advertisement so we just decorate a few different sheds so the children can go to each "haunted shed" to collect Candy! It was a lot of fun! We had music, very fun decorations and best of all we were allowed to dress up for work!

*And Halloween night (of course)- We didn't do much for halloween night, We just went out to eat with Spencer's Brother and his wife. and then handed out candy to the children 2  that came to our house, yes just 2 , needless to say we had a lot of left over Candy.
WEll that wraps it up for October!

Well I am FINALLY caught up!  Well for the most part. Keep an eye out for my extremely long and hopefully detailed post about my engagement and Wedding day and more! And wish me luck on actually keeping up on my blog so that I don't get as far behind as I did! Oops! ;)
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